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GILBERT BAGLIONE Provencal painter; he works in Paris and in Provence at the foot of Mount Ventoux

Gilbert Baglione, an authentic Provence artist, in front of a recent work
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After having studied at the » Ecole des Beaux Arts de Toulon » and at the « Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris » he worked in the painting arts fields in Paris and Provence, progressively devoted himself to oil painting.
He is also « Vice- Président Honoraire de la Société des Artistes Indépendants

Born in Toulon, his main workshop of painting is located near Bédoin in the heart of the Provence , near the famous and mythical Ventoux Mount
His oil paintings restitute the colors of Provence, highlighting the landscapes and above all the Ventoux Mount which dominates his region, the pictorial houses, the flowers like sunflowers, the olive trees, poppies and the sky illuminated by the moon, the sun, or animated stars.
He likes to represent the fleeting beauty of nature and things and transform reality. He knows how to communicate, by the color and vibration, pleasure and enjoyment that can offer the spectacle of life. His painting invites us to dream. His work is widely represented in International and national exhibitions :

International exhibitions:
* Takashimaya Gallery in Tokyo (1968- 1969- 1971)
* Wilshire House Gallery in Los Angeles (1969)
* Exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Heio (1970)
* Aziza Gallery Wimbledon Village in Londres (1974)
* Festival d'Art Franco-Japonais in Yokohama ( june 2007) National exhibitions:
* Artistes indépendants exhibition in Paris ( 1955 to 2007)
* Museum of the city of Toulon (1953,1954,1955)
* Galerie de l'Odéon in Paris (1958)
* Galerie de l'Ile Saint- Louis in Paris (1959)
* Gallery Henquez in Paris (1964)
* Aux Armes de Bretagne in Paris (1969)
* Crédit Agricole in Bédoin (Vaucluse) (1977) * Grenier à Grain in l'Isle sur la Sorgue (Vaucluse) (1982)
* L'Oustàu d'Anaïs in Bedouin (Vaucluse) (Annual exhibition from 1983 to 1996)
* La Charité Cultural Center in Carpentras (1986)
* Retrospective (1952-1998) Quai Branly in Paris at the Salon des Indépendants (1998)
* Le Logis in Velleron (Vaucluse) (1999 et 2000)
* Le Manoir in Mornas (Vaucluse) (2001)
* City Hall Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols (2005,2006 and 2008)
* Art en Capital at The Grand Palais in Paris (2006 et 2007) Awards * 1950 Award of the Architects President of the Var department
* 1953 Winner of the Vikings award
* 1954 Winner of the Grand Prix Othon Friez
* 1965 Grand Prix of the City of Toulon
* 1968 Winner of the French Artists
* 1969 Vermeille medal of the city of Agen
* 1973 Award at the « Salon de Freudenstadt
* 1975 Taylor Award
* 1999 Silver Medal at the Salon of Quincy
* 2001 Diplôme d'Honneur of the Salon de la SNHF
* 2003 David- Nillet first price (Nationale des Beaux-Arts) Purchasing: the State, the City of Paris, the Museum of the City of Tokyo Exhibits Group and Special Collections:
USA, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Australia, France, ...

Accueil Gilbert Baglione